Project Objective

Basic Objectives of the Broadband Competence Office, Czech Republic (BCO) Project

  • To promote and facilitate coordination in the construction/reconstruction of line structures with the development of high-speed networks.
  • To promote and enforce the removal of existing barriers and reduction in investment intensity.
  • To seek ways to speed up the process of designing and constructing high-speed networks.
  • To act as a professional partner for local governments, sharing experience.

BCO’s Vision

  1. High-speed Internet is truly available to every family, school and other organisation as well as every business owner.
  1. BCO is here to support the expansion of the high-speed Internet in the Czech Republic through:
    • continuous methodological support for local government representatives,
    • cooperation with Internet connection providers,
    • communication with representatives of the state administration,
    • cooperation on setting the legislative framework,
    • coordination of activities in the construction of high-speed connections,
    • a coordinator available in each region
  1. With the support of BCO, the Czech Republic is a place where high-speed Internet is available for business and for life. The fast Internet is a way to further develop the economy and increase comfort and living standards.

BCO’s Mission

By providing the necessary support and sharing good practice, BCO makes a significant contribution to the development of high-speed Internet connections across the maximum possible area of the Czech Republic. Through direct activities in the regions and methodological support of the headquarters, BCO represents an active mediator supporting innovation and development and increasing the availability of high-speed connections for a wide range of users.

BCO focuses mainly on:

  • providing advice and expert support to entities involved in the process of constructing and financing of high-speed networks, socio-economic actors and the general population, e.g. in mapping the coverage and availability of high-speed networks,
  • supporting increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of investments in the development of high-speed networks,
  • facilitating the two-way transmission and sharing of information across the Broadband Competence Office (BCO) network of the European Commission, including the application of effective procedures already applied in other EU countries.

At the level of local and regional governments, BCO focuses on:

  • support for general coordination in the construction or reconstruction of lines, taking into account the development of the Committee of Regions (CoR),
  • consultation in the preparation of spatial plans,
  • assistance with the removal of existing obstacles to preparing constructions and the reduction in investment intensity, e.g. by finding ways to reduce the cost of servicing, reducing the practice of applying additional costs in repairing road surfaces and pavements, reducing duplicate fees, etc.,
  • searching for ways to accelerate the process of constructing high-speed networks while maintaining the conditions set by the legal framework of the Czech Republic and maintaining the principles of technological neutrality.

BCO’s activities focus mainly on

  • Supporting increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of investments in the development of high-speed networks
  • Providing advice and expert assistance to municipalities, organisations, socio-economic actors and the general population in the area of the development of high-speed networks (coverage, mapping, quality of service and penetration, future investment plans, etc.)
  • Providing advice and expert assistance on the use of subsidies and financial instruments
  • Supporting the aggregation of demand for high-speed services

Take a look at an overview of selected practical examples, where BCO has already been of assistance in the first half of 2020.

BCO is independent and technology-neutral. Every employee must adhere to the BCO Employee Code of Ethics

BCO carries out its activities within this organisational structure..