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How to Understand the Speed of the Internet Connection?

Commonly available speed does not mean the same as the advertised speed.
What is considered as deviations?
BCO has prepared a clear scheme of what the individual terms mean according to the CTO methodology.

List of territorial coordinators:

Map of visited municipalities:

Interactive coverage map

Practical Examples

Examples of specific practical examples in which BCO has been of assistance (February to August 2020):

  • Issues of servitude (Jesenice, Mnichovice) 
  • Issues of territorial proceedings in relation to separate protective pipes (Building Authority (BA) Prague 6, BA Prague 4, Municipal Office Liberec, Municipal Office Hořice)
  • Issues of spatial arrangement coordination – Czech technical standard ČSN 736005 (Kozmice)
  • Payments for construction of electronic communications infrastructure in the coordination of constructions (Jestřábí Lhota)
  • Electronic Communications (EC) building permit (BA Prague 6)
  • Procedure of construction coordination between builders
  • Searching for a solution – technology exchange with minimum service interruption and compliance with legislation (BA Liberec)
  • Consultation on cooperation agreements between the municipality and the operator (Karlovy Vary, Hořice, Vrchlabí)
  • Procedure for the concurrence of two subsidy projects

In addition, BCO has contributed to comments on legislation and technical standards

  • Recodifying the construction law
  • Implementing the Decree to Building Act
  • Decree on DTM (Digital Technical Maps)
  • Act No. 416/2009 Coll., on Accelerated Construction of Transport, Water, Energy and Electronic Communication Infrastructure
  • Revision of Standard ČSN 736005 – Spatial Arrangement
  • Act No. 127/2005 Coll. ECA (Electronic Communications Act) (the code)
  • Fulfilling the tasks of the Action Plan 2.0 (e.g. point 3.10)




Brobadband Competence Offices
European Commission website on the BCO initiative

Ministry of Industry and Trade

Public consultation
MIT web portal for public consultations concerning the programme of support for the coverage of the Czech Republic by high-speed Internet connection networks within the OP EIC (Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness) programme

CTO: Monitoring Reports
Monthly Monitoring Report from Czech Telecommunication Office