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How to Understand the Speed of the Internet Connection?

Commonly available speed does not mean the same as the advertised speed.
What is considered as deviations?
BCO has prepared a clear scheme of what the individual terms mean according to the CTO methodology.

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Map of visited municipalities:

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BCO in the EU

What is a Broadband Competence Office? What do they do and why are they needed? Jan Dröge, Director of the BCOs Support Facility, talks about the Europe-wide network of BCOs, what they do for their countries and regions, and how the BCOs Support Facility works with them to facilitate access to EU funding in order to achieve the network’s objective of universal coverage for all European citizens, particularly in rural and remote areas.

The Broadband Competence Offices Support Facility (BCO-SF) is a European Commission funded project aiming to contribute to the implementation of the Digital Single Market targets on broadband roll-out. It will provide information and guidance to national and regional stakeholders in charge of broadband deployment. It also aims to promote the setting-up of new BCOs.

Latest news: Digital Single Market / Broadband Competence Offices Network

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Brobadband Competence Offices
European Commission website on the BCO initiative

Ministry of Industry and Trade

Public consultation
MIT web portal for public consultations concerning the programme of support for the coverage of the Czech Republic by high-speed Internet connection networks within the OP EIC (Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness) programme

CTO: Monitoring Reports
Monthly Monitoring Report from Czech Telecommunication Office