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How to Understand the Speed of the Internet Connection?

Commonly available speed does not mean the same as the advertised speed.
What is considered as deviations?
BCO has prepared a clear scheme of what the individual terms mean according to the CTO methodology.

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Specification of the Internet Access Service at a Fixed Location

In August, the CTO issued an amended version of the general authorisation VO-S/1/08.2020-9,

effective from 1 January 2021, according to which the speed parameters of Internet connection services must be derived from the advertised speed. This will give users a better idea of what they can actually expect from the service offered. This will not only lead to a better understanding of the offers by users, but above all to the fact that the services actually provided will better correspond to the advertised offers.

Example: If the provider offers an Internet access service at a fixed location with an advertised speed of 100 Mb/s, the value of the commonly available speed will have to be set in the contract at a specific value higher than or equal to 60 Mb/s, and the minimum speed at a higher value or equal to 30 Mbit/s.

As an example, suppose that in a specific contract (for a service with an advertised speed of 100 Mbit/s), the commonly available speed is set at 80 Mbit/s and the minimum speed at 50 Mbit/s. A large lasting deviation, establishing the possibility to complain about insufficient quality of service, would then be defined as a decrease in the actually achieved speed below 80 Mbit/s continuously for more than 70 minutes. A large recurring deviation would be defined as a decrease in the actually achieved speed below 80 Mbit/s three times, each time for at least 3.5 minutes, in a time period of 90 minutes. Any decrease in the actually achieved speed below 50 Mbit/s (i.e. below the set value of the minimum speed) would then be defined as a service failure.

(Source: CTU, 23/09/2020 – https://www.ctu.cz/en/print-report-monitoring-report-92020)

For easier reference regarding the issue, the following illustrative explanatory picture has been prepared by BCO (available in Czech only):

We thank the Academy of Fibre Optics and Optical Communications for consultations

Document VO-S/1/08.2020-9 is also available at this link in .pdf format




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